Rachel Chin


Born and raised in Edmonton, Rachel moved to Vancouver in 2018 to pursue her BCom at the UBC Sauder School of Business. During her time at Sauder, Rachel specialized in Operations & Logistics and Business Analytics. With her background in customer strategy and retail experience design, Rachel has already made significant strides early into her career, proving herself to be a strong, data-driven researcher.

Rachel previously worked under the eCommerce Merchandising team for one of Canada’s largest retail companies. She helped integrate automated pickup lockers at retail stores nationwide by conducting in-depth interviews to enhance the user experience. As a Consultant at Deloitte, Rachel supported clients by leading transformative customer and digital strategies. In her position, she gained vital experience in mixed-method research, building customer personas and journey maps, and facilitating client workshops.

As an Analyst at Sentis, Rachel’s role includes survey testing, project management, data analysis and report development.

Rachel is an avid fan of art and history. In her free time, she can often be found carrying her film or digital camera around Vancouver, shopping at local markets, or strolling through a museum. After attending a chocolate-making workshop, Rachel has now recently taken up baking and desserts as a hobby as well – her friends and family couldn’t be happier.

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