Unlike most consulting firms, Sentis has in-house application developers dedicated to data collection, processing, analytics, visualizations, dashboards and online reporting platforms, as well as Sentis Labs, our innovation centre. With no separate divisions, Sentis is one team with the same aim: help the organizations that choose us succeed. Here are some of the tools we use to do that.

Our Online, Multi-Modal Survey Platform

Sentis’ online survey platform is modern, engaging, flexible. Our dedicated programmers continue to develop new question types and formats to optimize the survey experience. Custom, engaging, branded, and respondent-centric, our surveys are mobile-first, adaptive across devices and different browsers.

Check out an example of our surveys and our approach to keeping your customers engaged.

We reach the people you need to hear from by email, SMS, phone or mail, guiding them seamlessly to our survey platform through a unique link or passcode.

Qualitative: Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews & More

Customer stories should be at the centre of your decision making. Online, in-person or by phone, we have real conversations to understand why people do what they do – and what that means for your business.

Online Discussion Boards

Facilitated by our professional moderators, ODBs typically last 2 to 4 days. Participants are screened and recruited based on specific target characteristics and devote approximately 30 minutes per day answering questions and completing tasks in a secure, online platform. With an ODB, you get:

Participants that provide candid, in-depth feedback
Controlled group dynamics and individual probing
Multi-media capabilities
Participant anonymity
Easy and secure client access

ODBs are particularly useful for accessing participants who wouldn’t be able to attend a traditional, in-person focus group, either because they are separated by geography or have schedules that are difficult to coordinate (such as c-suite professionals).


Making decisions and implementing change is hard. We can help.

Our facilitated workshops use dynamic discussion techniques to guide your team through project learnings, making concrete decisions and introducing change.

Mystery Shopping & Price Audits

Our team of mystery shoppers assesses service performance across all customer touchpoints. Sentis also conducts price audits to provide clients with up-to-date intel on competitor pricing, discounts, and special offers.