Customer Relationship Management

Connect and strengthen your CRM with our tailored solutions.

Voice of the Customer Programs

Sentis VoC programs help you maintain strong relationships and deepen share of wallet, while identifying customers at risk. Our programs typically measure and track:

  • Customer loyalty based on leading indicators
  • Customer experience by touchpoint
  • Performance across channels and business fundamentals
  • Share-of-wallet
  • Hot comments and issue incidence
  • Competitor usage
  • Customer needs and decision factors

Capture feedback periodically with a robust relationship survey or get right to the point with a short and sweet transaction-based survey.

Sentis Online reporting for VoC Tracking

If you’re looking for timely tracking, Sentis online reporting is the way to go. Sentis is a leader in online reporting. Our customized platform cascades information in real-time to every level and vertical in your organization:

  • Dashboard Reporting for the Leadership Team
  • Product/Channel Reporting for Department Managers
  • Individual Customer Feedback for Supervisors and Frontline Staff

Sentis’ online reporting features an effective and efficient closed feedback loop for logging and resolving issues. Our system also generates sales leads by enabling customers to request a follow-up for information or advice.

Sentis can pull all your listening posts together in one place – integrating data from customer and employee surveys, social media and even your own internal systems.

Learn more about Sentis’ online reporting.

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