Credit Unions

We are credit union experts. At last count, we are working with over 20 credits in Canada and the US. The cooperative, collaborative nature of credit unions means that we keep learning, sharing and improving with every project we do.

Business Strategy

Our deep relationships with credit unions make us indispensable partners when it comes to business strategy. Because we consult on so many different aspects of the business, we’re able to advise on:

  • Key metrics and target setting
  • Identifying loyalty drivers
  • Strengthening channels, processes and transactions
  • Branding and positioning
  • Advertising and communications strategy
  • Member segmentation and personas
  • Community investment
  • Mergers and expansions

Most importantly, we keep the credit unions we work with apprised of what’s happening across our network and the trends developing in the industry.

Sentis Member Voice

Sentis Member Voice is our most popular offering with credit unions. Our standard survey allows clients to take advantage of our banking benchmarks and our CU norms. Credit unions can either go with the regular program or customize it as desired. Our goal is always the same – help the organizations we work with stay relevant by connecting with and understanding their members.

Sentis Member Voice measures and tracks:

  • Overall relationship health (using leading indicators and our Member Loyalty Index)
  • Product & channel performance
  • Share of wallet, overall and by product
  • Demand for new products, services or member benefits
  • Other topics as needed

Member Voice also features a closed feedback loop for logging and resolving any member issues identified during the survey and can generate sales leads by enabling members to request a follow-up for information or advice.

We also offer custom Spotlight Research on a variety of topics, such as:

Life stage analysis
Branch design
Website evaluations
Voter preferences
Community impact
New member onboarding

Immediate Feedback

A short and sweet transaction-based survey, collected immediately after a member interaction. Data is piped to an Online Reporting platform that cascades information in real-time. Specific and immediate feedback supports staff engagement and accountability for the member experience. Systemic gaps and missed opportunities in key processes are identified and individual issues are quickly resolved through the survey’s closed feedback loop.

Banking Benchmarks

Our BC & Alberta Retail Banking Study provides credit unions with standardized benchmarks on over 30 metrics.

Sentis independently surveys a random cross section of Canadian consumers, unlike other ‘benchmarks’ which are based on the average scores of companies that an agency happens to have as clients.

Our approach lets us confidently assess the total retail banking landscape, in terms of market share, product share and trends impacting consumer choice. In our most recent study, we also spotlight differences between big banks, credit unions and virtual financial institutions. The Banking Report is available to Sentis clients.

Market Understanding

To grow their membership, credit unions need to constantly assess the competitive landscape in which they operate. We work with credit unions on:

  • Trade area profiling, including developing segments and personas
  • Journey mapping & path to purchase
  • Insurance
  • Campaign testing and evaluations
  • Brand health, positioning & share
  • Product & concept testing

Staff Engagement & Organizational Culture

We track staff job satisfaction and commitment as well as the extent to which the culture aligns with the values of the organization.

Financial Literacy & Health

We assess financial literacy and health among credit union members and staff – and develop tools to empower them to improve in these areas.

User Experience Testing

Financial institutions are increasingly becoming ‘technology first’ companies. We make sure your online tools are helpful and easy for members to use. Physical locations still have a role to play though, and we can help you optimize that too.