Data Analytics & Visualization

We use data science to help clients maximize the usefulness of their databases – which are often large, untapped sources of business intelligence. We pull together and track behavioural data from internal systems and listening post feedback from surveys and social media to provide a full picture of what’s happening and why.

Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

We apply data mining and predictive analytics to discover meaningful connections in big datasets, and help clients leverage the results to proactively engage customers and minimize risk. Our in-house data scientists apply a variety of techniques to model different scenarios and inform decisions on a gamut of business challenges. Examples include identifying customer pivot points and triggers in longitudinal data, optimizing product features, pricing, location selection, and operational processes and improving HR outcomes.

Learn more about Sentis Data Mining.

Text Analytics

We didn’t like any of the text analytics software out there – so we built our own.  Sentis NLP takes large volumes of natural language data (aka verbatim comments) and classifies them into themes using dictionaries developed for your business. This automated process allows you to quickly spot emerging trends in customer experience and sentiment.  For more on text analytics visit Sentis Labs.

Data Visualization

We create interactive visuals to illustrate patterns and relationships across multiple data sources – and use these visuals to help tell the story behind the numbers.