Strategy & Consulting

We provide a range of advisory services to inform business strategy and decisions.

Brand Health & Positioning

Sentis’ Brand Vision model maps your brand’s health relative to competitors and gives you a clear roadmap for strengthening your brand’s equity.

Brand Vision also guides positioning across functional, emotional, and reputational dimensions, and identifies the brand’s barriers and opportunities.

Advertising & Communications Effectiveness

Sentis AdScan is a complete advertising campaign evaluation tool, operationalizing campaign effectiveness as a combination of message reach, message delivery, and audience connectivity across media channels.

Market Understanding, Segmentation & Personas

We analyze current market conditions, past marketing efforts and consumer data to help you launch products and enter new markets successfully.

We uncover the market forces, competition and decision factors operating in your sector, identifying unmet needs and competitor vulnerabilities.

We help you allocate resources and target communications by segmenting consumers based on their different needs, motivations and habits. We develop target personas to inspire organizational focus and to strengthen its processes and channels.

Mapping the Customer Journey & Path to Purchase

We investigate the customer journey, unpacking the experience starting from awareness (the Zero Moment of Truth) through to purchase and post-purchase.

We visually map all customer touchpoints and considerations, identifying each pain point and moment of truth along the path to purchase. We use personas to test the channels and processes across different customer perspectives. And we re-imagine what the ideal customer journey could look like by providing specific recommendations for improvement.

Business Consulting: KPIs, Target Setting & Action Planning

Here are some of the ways we help:

Ideation sessions with managers to explore new brand and product concepts

Action-planning workshops to translate research findings into next steps

Working with senior leaders to turn strategic goals into executable action plans

Assessing leadership alignment and organization readiness for change and business transformation

Guiding organizations through the process of developing the right scorecard metrics and setting performance targets