Yoki Li

Account Director

Yoki has a strong hands-on analytical bent, and enjoys hanging out in Excel (yes, hanging out) and dabbling in other programs like SPSS and R. Yoki is also part of the team that manages and enhances Sentis’ in-house NLP tool used for processing large amounts of open-ended text data. Feel free to reach out for a demo!

As Account Director, Yoki develops and executes a broad range of research initiatives, from small ad hoc projects to large scale tracking studies. Somehow, she also finds time to play a key role in the development and launch of our online reporting sites.

Areas of Expertise: Large scale programs with online reporting, Voice of the Customer, developing Sentis digital solutions

Sectors/Industry practice areas: Automotive, financial services, convention centers, retail, government, health

When not at her workstation, Yoki tries to be active and goes curling, skiing, and snowboarding every winter. However, most of the time, you’ll likely find her napping or watching some sports.

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