Mary Bacica

Senior Vice President & Privacy Officer

Mary got her start in research over 25 years ago as a data analyst at MarkTrend Research. This was a time when data analysts had to rely on things called “mainframe computers” and use arcane programming languages to process data – back then you had to wait weeks to get your results. There was nothing quick about it.

Since her days as a data analyst in the pre-internet era, Mary has held progressively senior positions in research operations and client development. She is now a trusted consultant to major organizations across Canada and the U.S. Public and private sector organizations turn to Mary for her unique ability to translate research results into practical recommendations that help solve problems and identify opportunities.

Mary is particularly passionate about helping organizations find ways to deliver better service, work more efficiently, be better places to work, and become more profitable. The sweet spot for Mary is when she can apply a research solution to help organizations achieve these goals.

Mary is an important mentor and advisor to our younger researchers, guiding their work and supporting their development in the industry.

Mary is Sentis’ Privacy Officer, responsible for ensuring that our policies and procedures always meet and exceed the requirements of the FOIPPA and PIPA.

Areas of expertise:

VOE and VOC program design, corporate reputation measurement, performance management, program evaluation, privacy legislation.

Sectors/Industry practice areas:

Government and citizen services, public opinion, energy and utilities healthcare and pharmaceuticals, security services, financial services.

While in the office, Mary has mints, she always has mints. Outside the office, Mary is an avid reader, a CrossFit enthusiast with her husband, and strangely, seldom has mints…

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