Kimberly Harrison

Project Manager

Kimberly returned to Vancouver after completing her Bachelor of Arts degree at York University, where she majored in psychology. During her time at York, she became drawn to population-based research. She realized that while it’s not the only way to solve the world’s problems, it does somehow satisfy her borderline obsession with drilling down to details.

Through both self-directed projects and supervised thesis research, Kimberly learned all the key elements of the research process, from establishing ethical guidelines, sourcing sample populations, analyzing data, and presenting results clearly and concisely.

In addition to pursuing her interest in research, Kimberly also spent a lot of time volunteering – providing academic support to at-risk youth, conducting music therapy with patients at risk for dementia, and serving as a peer mentor.

As a Project Manager at Sentis, Kimberly plays an essential and varied role in ensuring project success from start to finish. On any given day you might find her programming a survey, prepping a sample, analyzing data, or creating a report.

Kimberly likes to run, do yoga, play piano and collage – although generally not at the same time.

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