Jilliane Vina


Jilliane (Jill) discovered her love for programming in university where she began a self-directed journey to become proficient in the many programming languages that most of us don’t know about, but are thankful for those who do! Along the way, Jill picked up a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Jill is a full stack developer. For those who aren’t up on the lingo of programming, that means she develops the front-end of websites and apps (like the dashboard of your car) as well as the back-end (the engine and everything under the hood).

As a member of Sentis’ dev team, Jill helps build custom online reporting sites and enhances the features and functionality of existing programs to make sure they deliver a user experience that is intuitive and engaging.

Outside of school and work, Jill has had the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests including playing and coaching basketball, and wrestling at the university level. She is also a self-described dog-lover and food truck enthusiast.

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