Evan Hildebrandt

Head of Development

As Sentis’ Head of Development, Evan is responsible for overseeing the development, maintenance and enhancement of our client online reporting sites and dashboards. He also plays a leading role in creating tools that facilitate the extraction of meaning from data. As an example, he developed Sentis NLP – a classification, tabulation, and visualization tool for natural language data.

Originally from Vancouver Island, Evan moved to Vancouver in the winter of 2017. Before moving across the strait, Evan earned his Bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of Victoria. While completing the Coop program Evan worked at a telecommunications company in Ottawa, an analytics company in Victoria, and a gaming studio in Vancouver.

Before joining Sentis, Evan was the Lead Web Developer for the University of Victoria Bookstore. Working there he oversaw hiring coop students, managing and developing features for the e-commerce site as well as other tasks.

When not in the office Evan is either cooking, eating or consuming mass amounts of coffee.

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