Diarmuid Mangan

Data Manager

Diarmuid worked as a fund accountant with the Bank of New York Mellon in Ireland before moving to Vancouver and joining Sentis. Diarmuid’s expertise in the analysis of financial data gives him a unique perspective on survey research and market research data.

At Sentis, he applies his diverse skill-set in the service of data quality. This includes providing advice on how to structure surveys to minimize response bias, implementing weighting schemes that maximize weighting efficiency, and ensuring that codes applied to verbatim comments reflect the true meaning of the content.

Diarmuid is our resident SPSS maven, and he uses this statistical package to process data files, produce cross-tabulations and perform a range of statistical procedures including regression, factor analysis and cluster analysis.

Areas of expertise:

Statistical weighting (including rim weighting), sources of bias in survey research, advanced statistical analysis, probability theory.

Diarmuid speaks fluent Gaelic and likes to spend his weekends sailing around Vancouver.

Diarmuid holds an MSc in Economics and a BA (Music and Economics) from the National University of Ireland, Cork.

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