Cory To

Data Analyst

As a child, Cory was keen on becoming a professional athlete and had hopes to one day make the NHL and play for his hometown Vancouver Canucks. When he finally realized that not knowing how to skate at age 16 (and still now) would be a problem, he had to give up on that dream. Instead, he pursued a different path that would ultimately lead him to Sentis.

In his role as Data Analyst, Cory wears a number of hats and which one he puts on depends on whether he’s wrangling, mining, or modelling. He’s a key member of Sentis’ analytics team, using both statistics and data visualization to translate data into useful information.

Cory graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and a Concentration in Commerce at the University of British Columbia in 2021. During his time there he also worked as a Sports Statistician for the UBC Thunderbirds Hockey Team, which made him even more curious about how to apply data analytics in both the sports and business world.

In his free time, Cory enjoys playing board games, learning new songs to play on the piano and of course playing and watching sports. To this day, he is still a loyal Canucks and Raptors fan.

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