Alex Sharp

Project Manager

Alex was born and raised in Vancouver, just minutes away from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry. He left Vancouver in 2016 for the University of Waterloo and its unique Science and Business (BSc) co-op program – a program that enabled Alex to apply both scientific principles and business fundamentals in co-op placements across a range of industries. He worked with both established companies and tech start-ups, creating marketing and brand awareness campaigns, and measuring campaign effectiveness on a variety of metrics.

After graduating, Alex joined a healthcare technology company where he analyzed sales data to improve the sales conversion process and user experience data to identify customer pain points and ways to improve customer experience. He also worked as a researcher at UBC, helping evaluate SmartMom – a prenatal texting program that gives expectant moms timely, targeted guidance throughout their pregnancy.

Along the way, Alex has become proficient using a range of CRM and research platforms, including Salesforce, PowerBI, NVvio and SPSS.

Alex moved back to Vancouver in 2020 and joined Sentis in 2022. With his prior diverse roles in marketing, business strategy and research, Alex brings a unique perspective to Sentis – one that helps us stay innovative and find the best solutions for our clients.

When Alex isn’t working, he loves all things outdoors. That includes skiing, mountain biking, hiking, surfing and much more.

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