Alana Kendrick

Account Director

Consistent with her years playing team sports, Alana brings to Sentis a fiery competitive spirit, a strong work ethic and a true dedication to helping her teammates reach their goals. She jumps at the opportunity to pitch-in. She takes on new, unexpected opportunities, steps in to support projects that grow beyond their initial scope (which happens often), and volunteers to check mountains of data – which she does with machine-like accuracy and efficiency. She’ll also give a report that extra something that makes clients sit up and say “now that’s exactly why we chose Sentis”.

Alana came to Sentis with rock solid analytical, writing, project management, and public speaking skills. As an Account Director, she continues to build on this foundation to the benefit of clients in both the public and private sector. She thinks and writes clearly, sees the implications of the results, and can be counted on to make practical recommendations that are actionable for our clients.

Areas of expertise:

VOC and VOE program management, advertising and communications measurement, brand image and marketing collateral testing, brand tracking and positioning, mystery shopping and price audits.

Sectors/Industry practice areas:

Government and citizen services, public opinion, transportation, tourism, financial services.

In her free time, Alana loves to play sports. She also enjoys watching reality TV (we hired her anyway), playing board games and travelling – especially to Disney.

Alana holds a BBA in Marketing and Finance from Simon Fraser University.

Ask Alana about… playing the clarinet.