Sunny Heo


As part of Sentis’ programming and web development team, Sunny creates custom online reporting platforms. He combines logic and creativity with technical training in software engineering to enhance the functionality of our reporting sites and optimize the user experience. He works collaboratively with portal project managers to ensure that portals are built to specification and delivered on-time.

Sunny is also an avid builder of web and mobile applications, and has developed apps to make it easier for people to do a wide range of things including: navigating the London Tube, tracking academic performance, picking a restaurant, and keeping a diary.

When not programming or building apps, Sunny enjoys playing League of Legends and bowling.

Sunny attended the University of British Columbia, where he couldn’t decide between business and programming.  The obvious solution?  A B.Com, with a major in Computer Science.

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Ask Sunny about…Korean culture and history, including why Jokgu has yet to catch on in the west.