Mun Chan


Why did Mun move to a country 30 times larger than Malaysia? Perhaps it’s her obsession with maple-scented $100 bills. Mun pursued her education at the University of British Columbia and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in the areas of Marketing and Business Technology Management with honours; mainly due to her curiosity in pushing her boundaries.

Mun discovered the world of analytics and research through first-hand exposure during her university days where she played consultant to client projects. Ask her about her work with Faculty Brewing – she enjoys their beer and takes pride in the work she’d done.

As one of Sentis’ newborns, Mun is inspired to translate her interests in research, data visualization/analytics and programming to help Sentis clients make informed decisions. Mun loves challenging herself and digs deep into the ‘why’ of almost everything—why does she do that?

Outside of work, Mun enjoys bouldering, aromatherapy, writing freestyle poems and learning how the mind works…

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Ask Mun about… the world of wines.