Lucia Ren


Across her entire educational career, Lucia has gone to 12 different schools spanning two continents, two countries, and five cities. (She wasn’t kicked out of any of these schools – she just moved around a lot.) At last Lucia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC).  

She discovered her interest and aptitude for research by working in a psychology lab at UBC, where she studied social connections and the science of happiness. She picked up a lot of skills that she uses regularly in her role at Sentis including project management, data collection, statistical analyses, and qualitative data analysis.  

Prior to joining Sentis, Lucia also worked in several different marketing roles where she helped design marketing plans and advertising campaigns based on an analysis of market and competitor data.   

Her favorite part about working at Sentis is having the opportunity to apply research to solve real problems and help our clients achieve meaningful results.  

Lucia’s interests are many and highly varied, and include fencing (En Garde!), Vlogging, and café hopping to name but a few. 

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