Janessa Perry

Manager, UI Design

Janessa has the unique ability to turn your boring design into something fun. But she doesn’t just make things look pretty – she communicates key information through functional, intuitive design that is easily digestible (and okay, her work looks good!).

As our resident designer and UX/UI expert, Janessa has had an impact in all areas of Sentis design and branding, from whitepapers, reports, and online reporting sites to survey themes & design.

She is also an avid front-end programmer who oversees our survey platform feature development, ensuring our web surveys stay modern and perform flawlessly on any device.

Areas of expertise:

UI design, UX design, front-end development.

When she’s not working, you can find Janessa lounging around home with her cat Louie, playing video games, eating pizza, or cheering on the Seahawks.

Janessa earned her Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University, and has Certificates in UI and UX Design from BrainStation.

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