Amelia Mohtadi

Account Director

Born and raised in Paraguay, Amelia spent much of her time drinking great coffee and avoiding the 40 ̊ C heat. She moved to Vancouver to pursue a B.A. in Cognitive Systems at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Given her interest in business she also completed a minor Commerce.

During her final year at UBC, Amelia worked as a research assistant at the Attentional Neuroscience lab, studying the relationship between cognition and gait. This is where she discovered her interest in data analysis and project management – and that gait is really just a fancy word for the way people walk.

As a Senior Project Manager she works with different teams to develop, execute and deliver qualitative and quantitative research projects for Sentis’ private and public sector clients. Her powers of organization are legendary, and enable her to efficiently manage a long list of diverse projects. (She is the Sentis team member with the tidiest workstation).

She is also a highly effective communicator and presenter, and can keep an audience engaged – even in the age of video conferencing!

Amelia loves to nap, travel and meet new people – as long as it does not interfere with her “occasional” binge-watching of a new TV show.

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Small reminder: Don’t ask Amelia about Uruguay (she is from Paraguay). But feel free to ask her anything about Messi.